What are CORTalks?

The Community Opioid Response sponsors community events featuring speakers engaged in all areas of our opioid and addiction crisis. This includes medical and clinical professionals; prevention specialists; persons in recovery; community organizers; law enforcement and friends and family of those who struggle with addiction. 

These talks adopt themes and promote audiuence questions and discussion. There’s a lot of experience and expertise in the room during CORTalks, and we recorgnize that much of it is in the audience. 

Previous CORTalks

CORTalks focus on the issue of opioids and the addiction crisis from many different angles. Conversations, to date, have focused on stigma, the appraoch of local law enforcemtnt to the opioid crisis; local recovery resources, among others. All CORTalks are recorded and available online, here.


The Community Opioid Response Committee Present, Ways to Think about and Talk about Addiction: A Community Conversation on Stigma, moderated by Dr. Geoffrey Kane.

Law Enforcement

Brattleboro Police Chief Michael Fitzgerald speaks about local law enforcement and the complex challenges of illegal drugs and combating addiction and abuse.

Why Don't People Stop Using?

Why can some people quit and others can’t? Why would they choose drugs over a job and/or family? Don’t they care about the consequences of their choices? And shouldn’t they be responsible and accountable for their actions?