Community Opioid Response

COR’s mission is to engage the community to reduce opioid misuse, addiction and stigma. We promote awareness and involvement across the continuum of prevention, intervention, treatment and recovery.
Finding Local Help

While substance abuse affects each individual and each family differently, there are many common adversities among families facing drug addiction, including financial difficulties, legal issues, educational disparities, emotional distress, and domestic violence. Loving someone struggling with addiction can be incredibly difficult, painful, and chaotic. Because drug addiction impacts the whole family, treating the addicted person alone is usually not enough to create lasting change in a family unit.

Find Help

The simple act of seeking help on this website is the first milestone in your recovery.

Recognizing our abuse of substances and its harmful effects on our lives and the lives of our friends and families places us firmly within the company of every person in recovery.

Self-recognition is necessarily a solitary act. We arrive on the doorstep of help alone. From this point forward however you need never be without help,

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Family Support Services

Substance abuse effects everyone within a family. Parents and children, brothers and sisters, often close friends experience the chaos and stress precipitated by substance abuse.

A consortium of local groups, specifically geared toward providing families of individuals battling substance abuse, offer services and material aid throughout the Brattleboro area.

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Med. Disposal Sites

Substances include prescription drugs, nonprescription medication, acne therapies, athlete’s foot treatment, vitamin and mineral supplements and throat lozenges.

Disposal sites provide a safe alternative to toilet flushing and garbage dumping, where they represent a serious risk to the environment. Animals and children are fond sewage and trash. Water is fond of pulling chemicals into drinking water.

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The Community Opioid Response holds quarterly, public information and discussion sessions with local and state officials; local advocates and educators; and local persons in recovery. Those sessions have taken on the nickname, “CorTalks.”  These talks are video and available online.

Prevention & Treatment Works

The drug overdose death rate for New England was about 24.6 per 100,000 people in 2015 (the latest year of state-by-state data available), which was the highest for any region in the country.1 Vermont was below the regional average at 15.8, and below the national average of 16.3.2


24.6 deaths per 100,000


15.8 deaths per 100,00

The Juul

“JUUL was created to be a satisfying alternative to cigarettes. Learn about our mission to improve the lives of the world’s one billion adult smokers.” – Juul Company Website


“The Juul is perhaps the most cynical product ever invented by the tobacco industry.” – Reggie Martell, COR

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COR produces original videos to help educate people within our community about the dangers of substance abuse, and the resources available to help those effected by substance abuse.

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